Which of the following Sentences Demonstrates Proper Subject-Verb Agreement

Which of the following sentences shows the FALSE use of the verb subject match A) Team members shout at each other to maintain their momentum after half-time. B) The entire Congress voted unanimously to repeal the bill. 1. Which of the following examples is an example of accidental plagiarism? A. Submit an article written by a friend. B. Copy information from a source and identify it as your own C. Summarize information without specifying 2.Which sentence has a reasonable match to the subject verb? 1. Niether Harper or Finn are aware of the details 2.

Missouri and Illinois are states along the Mississippi River. 3. Either you or I are responsible for cleaning the house this, what sentences does an appropriate subject verb chord have? A. Grandma and Aunt Louise will give you a gift. B. Grandma and Aunt Louise gave you a gift. C. Grandma and Aunt Louise will buy you a gift. D. Grandma and Aunt Louise understand These are tricky, but B is wrong. Study this page.

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