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My tenants want to buy a house and therefore want flexibility in their contract that is coming to an end. We used to have a termination clause that came into effect earlier in their contract, but they want two months` notice from the start of the contract. If we allow it to become a periodic rental and we do not terminate a new contract, will it meet the two-month notice period specified in the contract, even if they pay per calendar month? Or can they legally only give notice a month in advance? Thank you for any help! For periodic contractual rentals, you can include a clause in the contract that says you want to check the rent at a specific time. If this clause is fair, the landlord can follow it and increase the rent if necessary. If there is no clause, a section 13 notice must be used to increase the rent, but only after the end of the fixed-term lease and 12 months after the tenant`s first move in. On the other hand, this type of periodic rental is determined by a clause in the contract between the tenant and the owner. The lease itself stipulates that the contract will be continued regularly after the expiration of the initial fixed term until a party terminates it. I know that many landlords, including myself, prefer periodic rentals because of the flexibility. I usually like it when things hang and 🙂 However, it is important for landlords to remember that flexibility also applies to tenants. Once the rental becomes periodic, tenants have the opportunity to leave quickly and leave a lot of work to the landlord in a short period of time, especially if the property needs to be repaired to become presentable.

Finding good tenants isn`t always the easiest, cheapest, or fastest process. This starts with the start of your regular rental and is not always the same as the date you pay the rent. I have a question about the duration of a 12-month lease. If the 12-month AST agreement states that it is a 12-month agreement starting on 01/11/2020, shouldn`t it end on 01/11/2021? The contract states that it is a 12 month with a start date 01/11/2020 and ends on 31/10/2021, I always thought that the 12 months run and end on the same day, but you have to leave the property before 12:00. Can anyone help me understand this better or tell me I`m right? My son rents a property for a minimum of 12 months, which expires at the end of the week. The agreement provides that the monthly periodic rental comes into force when the tenant decides to stay beyond the minimum duration of 12 months. However, the Agreement does not include a notice period for the termination of the Agreement, except within the first 3 months and for the date on which the Agreement becomes periodic. Therefore, we interpret this agreement as tacit for any termination if the tenant decides to leave the property at the end of the agreed minimum term of 12 months, and he can do so without having to communicate. The owner denies this and states that he is obliged to set a deadline of several months. Is she right? Most of today`s rentals are short-term secure rentals, so in most situations where tenants stay after the expiration of the fixed term, they have a legal periodic rental. For a rental that becomes contractually periodic after the initial term: X months of and including and thereafter continued monthly until termination in accordance with 1) If the term has the form “X months then continued monthly”, the rental continues. 2) If the term takes the form “X months”, the lease ends at the end of the term and becomes either a new legal periodic lease (if no new contract is signed) or a new lease 9 when a new contract is signed).

Periodic lease required by law: If a new guide is issued by the one you have already provided to your tenant [at the beginning of the fixed-term lease], you must provide your tenant with the latest version at the beginning of the periodic lease. It often happens that a guaranteed short-term rental changes to a periodic rental after the end of the initial rental period, but this is not a formal requirement. This means that the tenancy becomes a continuous periodic tenancy after the expiry of the fixed term, unless the tenant and landlord agree to enter into a new fixed term. Alternatively, the promised short lease can be a fixed-term contract, which means that the rental is not converted into a periodic rental and the tenant must leave the property on the end date. There is no minimum duration for the initial fixed period, but it is usually 6 or 12 months. Since there have been so many recent changes to current practices and legislation, another issue to consider is when a fixed-term rental can be converted to a periodic rental for a longer period than the rental terms may be outdated in the event of a problem. I have serious problems with my landlord, I think I am now in a regular rental because my fixed term has ended. Flexibility is by far the biggest advantage of a periodic lease. As long as you comply with your state`s termination obligations, you can ask the tenant to leave the country at any time. The tenant, who was looking for another rental property because her situation had changed, was not obliged/ contractually obliged to stay for the full 3 months. Periodic contractual rental: Landlords do not have to check if there has been an update or issue additional copies to the tenant.

The crucial point I am trying to determine is that if our agreement actually represents a contractual periodic rental as opposed to a legal periodic rental, a new rental did not start, but was continued from the previous 6-month fixed lease. “The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Notices and Prescribed Requirements (England) Regulations 2015” has introduced requirements for: – EPC – GSC – How to rent However, Section 1 states that they apply ONLY to rentals that apply on or after the 1st. October 2015, AND not for legal periodic rentals that occur after the end of a lease granted before October 1, 2015. Therefore, they are not relevant and there is no need to exploit them. BUT courts and tenant advisors may not understand this subtlety, so if you can serve it, do so (and don`t issue an S21 notification until the next day). In order for a landlord to terminate a periodic lease, they must complete a period of at least 2 months or a full term of the tenancy, whichever is greater and ending on the last day of the period. This means that if the rental is quarterly, the landlord must terminate for three months, but if the rental is monthly, he must terminate for at least two months. Even if this notice is served and expires, the tenant still has the right to remain in a property until a landlord receives a court order. Once this has been done, the rental does not end, but will continue (provided that the tenants do not move) at regular intervals, as stated in the agreement.

Usually, this will be for a monthly periodic rental. Please visit the linked blog post to learn more about how to end a periodic rental. Short-term rentals become periodic rentals after the expiry of the fixed-term contract and if no new contract has been concluded with the remaining tenants. The guaranteed short-term rental automatically becomes a periodic rental as long as the tenants do not change and they like to keep the same contract. The same conditions apply and no further action on the part of the landlord or tenant is required. A periodic rental can have considerable benefits for both the landlord and the tenant, including: However, what is the status of the clause written in the confirmation letter for the periodic duration that “the landlord is always obliged to provide a written notice period of 2 months”. This letter was issued after the expiry of the 2-month period specified in the original S21 communication. Will this be taken into account if the officer decides to continue to take charge of the case? Thank you Zad If this is a legal periodic rental, tenants must cancel at least 1 month for a monthly contract or at least 4 weeks in advance for a weekly contract. .

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