What Are the Benefits of Having a Service Level Agreement in Place

An SLA or service level agreement is a document that highlights the measurable metrics and outcomes that the customer expects and that the contractor is required to provide. Below we list the benefits of SLA. The right service level tracking tools can also help you measure the performance of your own agents. A service level agreement sets clear expectations for your customers so your agents know what schedules to meet. The best productivity for agents comes when they know exactly which tickets need to be prioritized and have a clear focus on how to manage their work. This cannot be done without an online SLA tracker. Companies that have already engaged in outsourcing should review their existing contracts and verify that they include an SLA. If not, you should consider working with your current provider to agree to add an SLA to the current contract or at your next contract extension. While this does not include penalties, setting agreed levels of service promotes a collaborative view of acceptable performance.

Companies considering outsourcing their payroll should consider asking the potential provider for their position on SLAs. Not all providers commit to providing SLAs, especially agreements that include a penalty clause for service interruptions. An SLA is a two-party agreement that describes the service provided, documents service level objectives (by which service is measured), and determines the responsibilities of the service provider (HR) and the customer (employees and managers). This blog was written by Mark Beairsto, consultant at Trindent Consulting. He has experience in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations in the health, energy and financial services sectors. A two-way and fully open discussion is essential to effectively structure a service level agreement that benefits all stakeholders. This determines: Visit our Global Payroll and HR Services website to learn more. An SLA or Service Level Agreement is a form of contract between a service provider and a user. It defines the type and level of service expected by a service provider.

SLAs are documents that are results-based and define a specific performance measure and provide a remedy when a certain performance that has been agreed upon has not been achieved. PhaseWare takes service level tracking to the next level by enabling you to maintain, measure, manage, and track issues in the most effective way for your business. The importance of service level agreements cannot be underestimated, and the best online SLA tracker will help your team work as efficiently as possible. Contact us to find out how our SLA tools can help you keep your business on track. Configuring SLAs not only allows you to track the service through your process, but also reduces customer uncertainty with the process. Very rarely, you see people who are worried or constantly checking their pizza orders. That`s because they trust Domino`s to commit to their SLA. Specific to payroll outsourcing services, the SLA can include the following: A great way to measure service is to establish service level agreements. A service level agreement (SLA) is a commitment that a service provider makes to its customers in order to meet a standard service. The service level is then a measure of current performance against the defined standard performance. Understanding the benefits of service level agreements is an important facet of the business that you need to know. Read 3 min Customers appreciate shorter delivery times or faster service, so companies measure the cycle time of a process.

They value low prices so that companies optimize the productivity or cost of their inputs. They value quality products and services so that managers measure error or error rates. After all, customers value reliable and consistent service, so companies need to measure and improve the reliability of their process. In setting performance standards, both parties should strive to be reasonable and practical. Often, a customer wants performance standards at the highest level. Basically, both parties want to achieve almost perfect results and immediate reactions. However, this may not be possible or too expensive. But that`s not all.

There are a variety of benefits for your business. Here I list my top 5: In short, an SLA is about improving the quality of the service you provide to your employees. It`s the HR Case Management SLA feature that provides the ways you can achieve this. 3. Full understanding of expectations: An SLA should be written in a way that is understandable to all parties involved. It should also identify what is not covered by the SLA. Therefore, they needed certain metrics and metrics (such as application server/web service availability, support ticket response time, troubleshooting time, etc.) to show that the service was provided with a reasonable level of efficiency. .

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