Sunshine Corporation Lease Agreement

Last November, they received a letter from the Sunshine Society telling them that they would not renew their lease and that they had until December 31 to evacuate the apartment. “Who had confronted my wife in the corner of the living room and was yelling at her because she didn`t have a ladder for him to get to the window,” Dacus says. The red wasps that enter through their now covered chimney and the water that seeps into the walls of their living room is just the beginning of this problem. They tried, tried and tried to get help, and after several attempts to fix it, they finally sent a maintenance person, but there was another problem. “We need help, we really do. We have never missed a rent. We pay our bills on time. We are good responsible people,” Dacus said. MEMPHIS, Tennessee (– A Memphis family is seeking help and answers after receiving a notification to leave their apartment complex. “We have had red wasps coming into the chimney since we arrived in September 2016 and no one has ever been able to fix it,” Dacus said.

They then asked him to leave after an interview sprayed waspen sprays and saturated their furniture and walls. So they finally called FOX13 without any resolution. We talked to management, but they weren`t interested in having my kind of conversation. They said it was like retaliation after their complaints went unanswered. Step into Steve Dacus` living unit and you`ll soon see the problems he and his wife have been dealing with. . . .

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