The Four Agreements Stoicism

In an article for ABC News, Mick Mulroy, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East under Minister Jim Mattis and also a retired U.S. Marine, argued that stoicism should serve as a philosophy for the U.S. military because it guards the control of anger and fear, as well as the stoic concept of universal brotherhood. [38] We distinguish ourselves from John. What you see as a story, I see it as a lie, untruths, a great mission. This story is not about bringing people closer to the truth, on the contrary, it goes in the opposite direction. Saying something is both false, hypocritical and simplistic, one could actually take it as a criticism. That should be the case. Did you miss that part? Did Ruiz pay you to print this article “Agree with the 4 agreements”? curious. Do you like it because it reminds you and reinforces what you have already learned from humanistic psychology? Is there some kind of confirmation bias out there that drives you to help Ruiz sell this thing, or really he paid you to post them? It is quite hypocritical to say on the one hand “Be impeccable with your word” and on the other, to tell all these “stories” to force or support your message.

Art of reminds me of a “tantra” class that I visited with my friend “Toltec priestess, Nagual”, which I mentioned, which was also a “sweat-lodge mother” to be a very good mother to her children and a pagan, all these things and more, I am not the child of you. When she listened to the introductory lecture, it seems that the woman who speaks was so wrapped in astrology that she used it to support everything she said about “energy”. I pointed out that a person might have this kind of energy and might be able to use it, concentrate it and refine it, even if he does not believe in astrology, the energy in question that is discussed, sexual energy (neo-tantra) and not real Tantra, which is based on the actual writings or teachings of this particular current of Hinduism and Buddhism. I live on the west coast, it`s very “new age” here and many of my friends are into things like taro maps, astrology, paganism, mysticism, etc. I think it`s significant that the same people tend to believe in all these things, when they go for one, they tend to go for the whole package. I`m more into astronomy myself and I find it quite fascinating and beautiful beyond words; Astrology on the other hand, I consider a superstitious absurdity that is also my opinion on the Bible and all sorts of other texts rooted in old ignorant and superstitious belief systems. But I`m going astray; simply point out that if you base your philosophy on examples from a false story, you go on a bad start and wake up skeptics and free thinkers to criticize and counter your basic condition using reason, logic, historical facts, common sense, etc. You will also deceive many people, because there are many fools on planet Earth, and you can even get rich, like Ruiz et al. I think it is likely that Ruiz entered strategically into the void left by Carlos Castaneda and that he took advantage of the credulity of the masses.

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