Alternative Workweek Agreement Sample

In this particular series on alternative work weeks, we`ve delved deeper into how employers can bypass daily overtime requirements by using alternative work weeks like 4/10 schedules. In Parts 1 and 2, we discussed the detailed rules that apply to setting up an alternative workweek program, and last month, in Part 3, we explained the steps to take to dismantle one. This month, in the fourth and final installment, we are providing three forms – a sample proposal, a ballot and an agreement – to help you simplify the alternative adoption process for the work week. ___ I am unable to meet the alternative work schedule and I am requesting adequate accommodation. ___ I am voting in favour of rejecting the alternative work week described above. [The company] suggests the following regular alternative work week: [Specify the schedule, including the days of the week and the exact hours of the day]. [The company] shall propose the following alternative work schedule [or a menu of work schedule options that each employee may choose according to his or her choice]: [Specify the exact days of the week and hours of work per day; the duration of unpaid meal breaks; and, where applicable, a schedule for each shift]. [The company] will not reduce an employee`s regular rate of pay in [Specify work unit] due to the adoption, cancellation or modification of another weekly schedule. [The Company] will endeavor to find a work schedule that does not exceed eight hours per day for each employee who has the right to vote on this proposal, but who is unable to meet a schedule set by the election. [The Company] may also, in its sole discretion, provide a work schedule of not more than eight hours per day to accommodate any employee who is hired after the election and who is unable to work according to another schedule established following the election.

[The Company] will also consider all other reasonable means available to reflect an employee`s religious beliefs or customs that conflict with an adopted alternative weekly schedule, as required by law. ___ I am voting in favour of accepting the alternative work week described above. I understand that if this timetable is adopted by a two-thirds vote of the workers concerned, I will not be entitled to pay daily overtime unless I work hours that go beyond this time. [Specify benefits for employees in another work week, such as more. B days off per week, more time for family, etc.] The Human Resources Management and Compliance Report: How to Comply with california`s Payroll and Hours Act explains everything you need to know to comply with the state`s complex and ever-changing rules, laws, and regulations in this area. Coverage for premiums, meal and rest breaks, overtime, alternative work weeks, final paychecks, and more. Without your approval of this proposal, [companies] will generally not approve other hours of more than eight hours of work per day, as this would require [companies] to incur an increase in the daily costs of overtime. 2. Double the time.

Employees receive twice as much working time of more than 12 hours per day on a regular working day and more than eight hours on days when there are no regular working days. 1. An hour and a half. Employees are given an hour and a half to work more than 40 hours per week or beyond the established schedule, up to 12 hours per day. The [Specify date(s), time and place(s)], [Company] will hold an employee meeting to discuss the new schedule and the impact on you. Your participation in the meeting is mandatory. If you are unable to attend the meeting as scheduled, please notify your supervisor immediately. If the proposed work schedule is adopted, employees of the [Work Unit specify] are entitled to overtime pay only as follows: To adopt the proposed work schedule, at least two-thirds of the employees of the [Work Unit specify] must vote in favour of the proposal.

If the proposed schedule is adopted, employees of the [Specific Work Unit] are only entitled to overtime pay for work that goes beyond the presumed schedule, and not after eight hours a day. The proposed schedule will affect your employees` benefits by: [Provide details of changes as needed; p.B. the impact on the delineation or use of paid leave]. On [Specify Date], employees of the [Specify Work Unit] voted by at least a two-thirds majority to implement a new work schedule as follows: [Specify the new schedule or menu of schedule options, including days of the week and exact hours of work per day]. Under the new schedule, employees can work up to 10 hours a day without having to pay daily overtime. The new schedule will come into effect on [Specify date]. Ballot Control No. [To avoid manipulation of ballots, provide a unique number for each ballot that does not identify the voting employee.] [The company] is pleased to inform you that employees of the [specify .B work unit, e.g. department, department, job classification, shift or separate location] will soon have the opportunity to vote on the implementation of a new work schedule. Under the new schedule, employees would work [p.B specify four 10-hour days per week]. [Note: You can use this form to allow employees to choose their schedules after a successful election.] [If the company suggested a menu of scheduling options, insert the following language:] The employee must choose his or her new schedule from the various schedule options approved by secret ballot following one of the following statements: [The Company`s] decision to submit this proposal is in light of California`s Daily Overtime Act, which requires [the Company] to pay daily overtime to non-exempt employees who work more than eight hours per day. However, under the proposed new schedule, employees can work up to 10 hours a day without having to pay daily overtime.

Proposal to adopt another regular work week The election will be held on [specify date(s), time and place(s)] by secret ballot. Employees who do not intend to be at work on election day may complete a postal vote on [specify date(s), time and place(s)]. Photo ID is required for all votes. ___ I agree to change the new schedule as indicated above. .

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