Special Land Use Agreement

Note: Boracay does not yet have a land use patent for residential areas. We are asking for a house application and definitive proof has been issued, but unfortunately we have come to say that the land we have requested is a piece of wood. We pay the tax return of more than 200k. What are our chances of owning this country? It`s a coastal area. 1) Is there any chance that the government could take our country, even if we have paid taxes for more than 30 years? What happens if the forests for rent exceed 1000 square meters? How to switch to the application The SLUP is for land ownership – for the DENR / Your permission to use this piece of forest. The land is classified as a wooded area, can the government build an access road without the consent of the landowner? For the construction of forest areas or denr (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), special permission (s) is required and for forest or forest areas, it is the “Special Land Use Permit” (SLUP) if the area you wish to use or develop is less than 1,000 square meters. It`s not easy to get. Although the checklist of requirements they provide looks like a simple collection of documents and notes from several other government agencies, we all know that it is not easy that is related to a Philippine government agency – because they are the most inadequate in personnel and equipment. I`m sorry to have said that an SLUP is still needed for larger areas, but you don`t need ecc (Environmental Certificate Compliance) for surfaces less than 1000qm. His brand new ball game at ecC level – it`s so expensive when a DENR advisor writes an ECC – will cost somewhere between p500k-1M to write an ECC.

They need a law to reclassify the country, that is, the member. Once it is done a law, then the courts. -The island of Boracay has been closed, and all documents (especially land) have been reassessed. The DENR is higher than the mayor of the city. Some mayors have filed deNR complaints. Some still have outstanding offences. Even with your building permit, DENR can still issue an injury or recruitment order if you don`t have SLUP. First, take yourself with SLUP, then the building permit. Building permits are only good for one year, some items in the building permit, such as fire release.

B, in some municipalities, are only good for 6 months, which means you have to build within 1 year or 6 months, depending on your site.

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