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The agreement does not replace existing data collection methods, but complements the MLAT process to create a lighter and more efficient alternative to obtaining certain types of data in serious criminal offence investigations. Given that many of the world`s leading SPCs are in the United States (not the United Kingdom), the impact of the agreement on facilitating investigations should be greater for the British authorities than for their U.S. counterparts who already have more direct access to data held by national PSCs. However, as the United States currently receives far more MLAT requests than it does, the agreement and others, such as this one, should ease the burden on U.S. law enforcement and its current diplomatic apparatus. In general, the new legislation is expected to change the considerable volume of data that will most likely be available on both sides of the Atlantic and the expected response speed of OPO receivers. However, there are a number of important areas that can, at least in the short term, merit a challenge, while a practical process is put in place. In anticipation of ratification of the agreement, the countries of the National Council of the United States and the United Kingdom should familiarize themselves with the new regime and implement the necessary procedures and procedures to respond to the electronic data production mandates of foreign agencies within the relatively short time frame. In the future, the burden for both nations will now be to show that such an agreement truly protects privacy and civil liberties. Many details of how the agreement will work in practice remain to be seen, including the standards of proof for the United Kingdom, to request orders, restrictions on wiretaps and whether there are sufficient safeguards to prevent privacy violations against citizens of each country. Nevertheless, the United States and Great Britain The bilateral data access agreement can serve as a useful model for both the United States and other nations, as they consider how best to implement cross-border data exchange. It shows how nations can use a combination of their national laws and the language of cloud law to enter into agreements that meet their minimum standards, at least on paper.

While one of the priorities of the agreement was to investigate suspected terrorism and child sexual abuse, the OPO`s mandate in the area of serious crime is made up of serious fraud, bribery and corruption, and the new powers should inform companies and their leaders of the measures taken to address the issues now known from internal investigations. , self-denunciation and cooperation.

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