Bursar Financial Agreement Siue

If you sign up for CougarNet for an upcoming semester, you will receive an agreement entitled “Student Responsibility for Payment of Educational Services at Southern Illinois University.” Before you sign up, you must accept this agreement online by simply clicking “I agree.” This agreement describes in a document everything related to the payment of your training to SIUe. Please read the agreement and contact the Bursar office (bursar@siue.edu or 618-650-3123) if you have any questions. To accept the agreement online, log in to CougarNet and choose: If you do not sign up for CougarNet, before your advisor can sign up for an upcoming mandate, you must either accept the online agreement on CougarNet or print the agreement on the link below. Sign and date the printed copy and mail or fax it to the Bursar office. Be sure to include your university ID number (starting at 800) in the agreement so we can update your student account. . Parents and third parties must be authorized by the student before they can pay online or view a student`s bill. A stop on a student`s account for many reasons such as: Again, welcome to SIUE and good luck in your academic pursuit. Paying your SIUE bill has just been simplified.

With eCheck, you can pay your CougarNet bill online at no extra cost. With eCheck, your payment comes directly from your current account. Grant recipients: Here you can view student account details to determine the account balance without help and approved memos before making your payment. . – Thank you for choosing the SIUE to continue your educational journey. Whether you have a bachelor`s degree, a professional or advanced degree, the SIUE Office of the Bursar is the university`s official billing and payment office. . We are committed to providing excellent customer service when you pay your bill, are reimbursed and ask questions about funding your training at SIUE. Why send a check if you can use eCheck for free and convenient? International/Flywire Payments: Must be initiated 4-6 business days before maturity. All payment options must be booked until 4:30p.m. CST to reflect the same day`s business date.

Better yet, that (if you like) can: Free online payment with eCheck is available for students currently enrolled. If you have any questions after checking the reason for the keeping handle on CougarNet, please contact the Bursar office. To access your 1098T, log in to CougarNet with your e-id and password (former students use 800″ and PIN): to calculate your estimated study fees and fees for the semester, visit the Tuition – Estimator. However, the tuition and fee assessor should not be considered your official bill or the guaranteed fee at SIUE. You can always pay online with a credit or debit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express with a non-refundable fee of 2.75%. You can pay with a credit or debit card on any computer. A PC is available in the lobby of the Bursar Office. Credit and debit card payments cannot be made over the counter.

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